Mothers Day UK

Mothers Day UK

When is Mothers Day UK 2014?

Mothers Day UK in 2014 is celebrated on Sunday 30th March 2014. Make Mothers Day 2014 a good one. Here are some quick ideas if you are short on time.

Mothers Day UKThe annual date of Mothers Day UK is a bit odd compared to its Fathers Day counterpart, and most other annual celebration days in that Mothering Sunday is not on a permanently fixed physical date, or held on a specific day of the nth week of the nth month each year like Fathers Day (third Sunday of June each year). No, Mothers Day in the UK instead is tied to an event in the Christian religion. In particular it is the religious period called Lent that determines what day Mothers Day UK is to be celebrated on. Specifically, it occurs on the 4th Sunday of Lent every year. So if you have no idea of when Lent is, then you will of course need to look the date up or consult a calendar with holiday dates listed in it. Fortunately you are here, so we can confirm that Mothers Day UK 2014 will be celebrated on Sunday 30th March 2014.

History of Mothers Day UK

The UK has an interesting history when it comes to Mothers Day UK. And that is because historically, the significance of this date as indicated earlier, has religious roots rather than the commercial and secular ones surrounding the celebration of Mothers Day UK. In fact, the real name for the occasion, based on its original religious meaning is Mothering Sunday. And that event was based around attending church on that date to honour the Virgin Mary and the mother church.

Hello Mothers Day UK – Goodbye Mothering Sunday

The term Mothering Sunday can still be heard, but the term Mothers Day UK has become much more popular over the years, as has the public’s recognition and celebration of it, not as a religious occasion, but as a secular and commercial event to celebrate and show appreciation for our mothers. Ironically, this convergence has not existed with other countries that observe Mothers Day, just the UK and Ireland.

The modern International Mothers Day is believed to have had its origins in the US, where an Anna Jarvis had nationally campaigned for it in the early 1900s, leading to the first celebration of International Mother’s Day in the US on 28th February 1909. In 1912, Anna Jarvis trademarked the term “second Sunday in May” leading to the date now observed by the many countries as Mother’s Day, while many other countries, such as the UK and Ireland applied the concept of Mother’s day to other dates.

The biggest irony of Mother’s Day is that although Anna Jarvis’ intentions were specifically intended to celebrate and show appreciation for your mother, like all good opportunities for celebration, an opportunity to commercialise the event was also observed. Within 9 years of the first celebration of Mothers, the commercialisation of the event had become so strong that Anna would engage in a lifelong battle to try to restore the vision of Mother’s Day as she envisioned it should be. So perhaps Mothers Day UK would have looked more like Mothering Sunday if history had played out a bit differently. And maybe Mothers Day UK would have been more about spending time with your mum than only buying a gift!

Today, many people use the occasion of Mothers Day UK to send their Mother a card, often accompanied by a bunch of flowers and/or a present, such as a gift for a pampering / spa treatment, some jewellery or even an occasion to take mother out to a meal at a restaurant or some other joint activity. Make Mothers Day UK 2014 a good one for your mother, this Sunday 30th March 2014!