5 Unusual Mothers Day Gifts

Mothers Day UK proudly presents 5 Unusual Mothers Day Gifts for those looking to get their mothers a present that they would least expect. Something that is really likely to be a pleasant surprise that your mother that she would likely never have thought of? Well here are a selection of unusual gifts that you can get for your mother.

Name a Star in Space. For just £20 you can purchase a star registration pack which enables you to name a star that will be registered at the British Library. Think your mother is a star? Well now she can be literally, burning bright. As part of the pack, you get a map which helps you locate exactly where the star is. There are other variants on this below, from owning an acre of land on Earth – or the Moon! to dedications and naming objects / species.

Sun Jar. Named gift of the year in 2007 when it became a huge hit, a Sun Jar is placed in sunlight by day where the solar cell creates an electrical current that will charge up the battery over a few hours. The Sun Jar can then be used at night either as a garden light, or a child’s night light.

Engraved Heart Trinket Box. Your mother will remember you fondly and often by giving her this heart engraved trinket box where she can store something useful or valuable, and every time she retrieves it, she will see the message from her loving son or daughter.

Make your own Fragrance experience. Perfume was one of the greatest inventions for women. And the celebrities are lapping up this industry, with some even having multiple perfume product lines. Even Jade Goody got in on the act off the back of her Big Brother fame. Now it is your Mother’s turn to create a new scent and have fun in the process.

By her a domain name. Now if your mother has a common English name then getting the exact name may be difficult, as the Internet was designed for the English language and so many people in the Anglosphere with the same name may have beaten you to registering the name already, but it is worth a try, and you can always be creative. The most in demand extensions are .com .net and .org for a general non-geographic domain name, and for a UK geographic domain name there is .co.uk and .org.uk. With the first three domain extensions, registration needs to be renewed on an annual basis. For the .uk variants registration is renewable once every two years. We recommend that you get a .com or .co.uk as these are the easiest domain name extensions to remember in the UK. Now we mentioned name availability earlier. When registering the name, the concatenated domain name is the preferred convention, so if your mother is called Mary Jones try maryjones.com, otherwise mary-jones.com or add in the middle initial or name e.g. marypjones.com or marypamelajones.com.