More Unusual Mothers Day Presents – “Own A” / “Name A” Gifts

Mothers Day UK presents even more novelty gift ideas for Mother’s Day Gifts. Something that is personalised to your mum in some way, as opposed to simply buying a generic product that is in no official way tied to you mother’s name is a great way to buy a present that will have extra value for your mother.

On this page we have identified a number of the popular “Name A” or “Own A” range of gifts, where you can name a star, own land on the moon, name a rose and more in the name of your mother. As these gifts are linked to your mothers name, they are perfect presents that are quite inexpensive, and certainly not something your mother is likely to have been expecting to receive – unless you have family members that tend to think alike!

“Own a…” / “Name a…” range of unusual gifts for Mothers Day: