Mothers Day Chocolates

Mothers Day UK recommends chocolate confectionary as a sweet Mothers Day Gift in both senses of the word!

Mothers Day Chocolates are the bees knees. I’ll say it again Chocolates for Mothers Day are the amber nectar. Chocolate is like honey to bees for many people. So unless your mother hates chocolate or has some kind of health or other issue with chocolate, it is hard to wrong with buying chocolate gift boxes as a present.

Well unless you buy a box of dark or plain chocolates if she flat out hates plain chocolate, or if you go cheapskate and buy everyday chocolate. But being that she is your mother, you should know what types of chocolate she likes and loathes so as not to make such a mistake.

If you really do not know, then you better go to a different page sharpish and order something else so as not to avoid the wrath of a woman scorned by a bad box of chocs!

Seriously though, what women does not the chocolates produced by Thorntons? This brand didn’t start getting its own high street stores for nothing. People love chocolate. They love it enough for an entire shop to exist dedicated to selling it. A shop that can exist and survive on a high street no less. So your mum will appreciate a box of chocolates from Thorntons for sure.

And don’t forget you are not just limited to chocolate confectionary either. Thorntons use their craft and ingredients to make a variety of other delicious products like cakes too. So if mum is not too partial to chocolates but loves a good cake, then buy her a cake from Thorntons for Mothers day.


Thorntons Mothers Day Chocloates and Flowers Bouquet

Thorntons Chocolates for Mothers

Thorntons Champagne / Wine Chocolate Hampers

Grab a chcolate gift now. Your mother will love every bite of it!