Mothers Day Experience Days / Days Out

Mothers Day UK short article on experience or activity ideas for your Mother.

Maybe instead of, or even better in addition to buying a present for your mother for Mother’s Day (Sunday 14th March 2010 in the UK), you may like to treat her to a day out, either on her own or with your wonderful self.

Some fantastic days out or experience breaks for women:
1. Mothers Day Spa Break – Pamper Weekend / Spa Weekend. Women love being treated to something nice, and having someone take the time to comfort them, help them relax and unwind, and for the process to be healthy is a wonderful thing.

2. Food / Jewellery Making Experience Does she like to make things? Well some ideas are jewellery making, for example make a ring experience. Or if she’s a culinary lover, then perhaps an Indian cookery experience will be right up her street. Or perhaps she would like a touch of the celebrity experience, which she can get by making her own perfume. And of course there is that other thing that tickles many a ladies tastebuds – yes it is chocolate. She could go on a chocolate making experience, which she is sure to find, exciting, fun and most importantly of all – delicious.

3. Singing Experience. Does she like to sing along to music or does she imagine that she could do a better job of acting or presenting. You can gift her an experience in a recording studio or an acting masterclass or presenting masterclass.

4. Theatre Experience. If she is into arts and culture then you could arrange to take her off on a theatre break. A bit of culture and getting away from home for a while – perfect short break with entertainment.

5. Luxury break. Or perhaps she simply would love going away on a break but without having anything specific to determine how she spends her time. In this case, you can organise a luxury break for her at a top hotel. A nice break, but she gets to choose how she spends her time while staying in a high quality location.